Cold Shot

Cold Shot


Long time duo Cold Shot brings together a dynamic selection of upbeat dance party songs that span decades of iconic artists. Featuring Richard Urbino (vocals, bass) and René Martucci (vocals, guitar), their show recently got attention with 2020 & 2019 nominations for best cover band by Sacramento News & Review (SAMMIES). Cold Shot plays an irresistible collection of pop, rock and R&B favorites from Elvis Presley to Bruno Mars.  With a variety of beloved styles to enjoy, audiences can’t help but sing along and join in the fun! Cold Shot's words to live by: it’s all about sharing good music and good times.  

Performing for all kinds of occasions, Urbino and Martucci have spent decades playing music. They often use their talents to help in fundraising events at Davis Odd Fellows, of which they are both members. Some of the music collaborations include The Birth of Rock & Roll, British Invasion tribute, Summer of Love and a Johnny Cash & Friends Holiday show. Together, these two musicians stay laser focused on what they love best - playing music!

René Martucci (guitar, vocals)
Richard Urbino (bass, vocals)

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